1. 22:11 19th Oct 2014

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    Damn, I need this in my basement.

    Damn, I need this in my basement.

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    Anonymous said: were can i buy a pet girl call me with answer this is not my computer [717] 586-XXXX my name is dave

    You can’t buy people Dave.

  5. Anonymous said: I'm new in the puppy play scene, and I'm a female. How/where can I look the part? I want to be the cutest puppy for my Owner!

    I prefer my puppies wearing nothing but a collar and mitts but that’s not necessarily cute. There’s a lot of things you can try if you’re going for cute though like: a nice pink collar, bows in your hair, face paint, ears, fluffy tail.

  6. 19:48 28th Sep 2014

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    Such a cutie

    Such a cutie

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    Anonymous said: Do owners love their puppies?

    Don’t you love your pets?

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    Do you have any pictures of the puppies at the vet?

    Hmm, like these?

  9. Bath time!

    Bath time!

  10. 08:01 14th Sep 2014

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    Puppy racing.

    Puppy racing.